Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½


Adolf Hitler: “You two seem to be getting on well.”
Jojo: “She doesn’t seem like a bad person.”

Jojo Rabbit is the highly anticipated new film from Taika Waititi, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since the first trailer came out since the trailers have looked great and I think Taika Waitit is super talented in terms of his acting writing and directing. This movie is honestly an achievement, as most of even the best working directors couldn’t make a film like this work. Taika was walking on thin ice for making this, just since it’s such a controversial subject, but wow he made it work so well. Jojo Rabbit is about a 10 year old boy in the middle of WW2, and he think he is just wants to fit in with everyone around him, so he thinks he’s a nazi and wants to make Hitler proud. It is just about his life during the war and the different things that occur, including his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler and a Jew he finds living in his house. This anti-hate satire is comedy gold, while also having a lot of emotional and dramatic moments. The tone is sometimes hard to follow, but it’s really not a big deal and doesn’t bring it down for me. Roman Griffin Davis is amazing as Jojo, and has great chemistry with Thomason McKenzie. The way their relationship progresses throughout as they start understanding each other is my favorite part of the movie, it has so much heart and I had a smile on my face for all their encounters. That wasn’t the only good part about it though, the stuff at the beginning with Jojo and his friend were so funny, and the stuff at the “training camp” was great as well. And that ending...soo good.  Taika was obviously great, he said he didn’t do any research of Hitler to play him because he was a piece of shit which is awesome. Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell were also great, maybe would have liked to see a bit more Rockwell though. Overall Taiki Waititi really crafted what I believe is one of the years best films, the humor, heart, and emotion are all there, along with some shocking moments throughout that made my jaw drop. Also I know it probably won’t happen but this definitely deserves some Oscar nominations, I think this is up there with Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and Midsommar as best cinematography of the year, it looks straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. Also has one of the best cut to credits of the year. Wasn’t anything crazy, but it fit the movie perfectly. Everyone go see this!!
🔜TERMINATOR🔄 (maybe)

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