Parasite ★★★★★

you know when you first get an idea for a new movie it’s just perfect? In your head you have an little imaginary masterpiece with comedy, suspense, crazy set pieces, and a really thought provoking subtext. But when you start to flesh it out and get it down on paper it comes out kinda funky; the impact and nuance you pictured isn’t there anymore. Somewhere while transcribing from brain to page it loses it’s urgency, tidiness, or emotional weight. Your story will only be best told during its genesis.

Bong Joon Ho has made the movie that exists in your head. Its an excellent story with all the qualities you would want cranked up to 11. In a matter of seconds you go from laughing to squirming uncomfortably in your seat to the very worst of all, relating! This is one of the easiest 10/10s I’ve ever given and I can’t wait to see Bong at the Oscars this year.

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