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  • The Lie

    The Lie


    Not spectacular, but not nearly as bad as people will have you believe.

  • Vinyl



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Alan Zweig's Vinyl is a fascinating examination on obsessive compulsive behaviors that are often exhibited amongst collectors. His own addled interpretation makes for entertaining viewing, but invariably dubious motivation. Zweig himself is an accumulator of records who has lost his way it seems. He searches in vain for answers by confronting unsuspecting acquaintances regarding "their" mental fragility and the need to collect without ever effectively addressing his own. The film essentially exploits the minority of record collectors that have lost…

Popular reviews

  • The Cure : Staring At The Sea - The Images

    The Cure : Staring At The Sea - The Images

    This glorious compilation of magic, music and imagery has been long overdue for reissue on Blu-ray and DVD. Unfortunately Robert Smith and co. may have waited to long to make any money on those interested. YouTube is riddled with this content and it seems like the days of the collector are dying on the vine. On the bright side, there is a resurgence of the young wanting cool vintage items of bands they have come to love. The music of…

  • Punk



    I was sadly let down by this four part exercise in banality. This is a subject that could have been delved into a lot deeper, at least in the first two eras covered. There is no mention of the garage rock subculture of 1966, no mention of the Modern Lovers, maybe a word or two about Richard Hell and Television, but most glaringly.. nothing about the Velvet Underground! A band widely agreed to be one of the first and biggest…