A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★½

This movie is like a roller coaster with back to back loop de loops, as the plot almost repeats itself. Mother in trouble, Jim has to save the day....then once again mother in trouble, Jim has to save the kids.
Great suspense, and with a quiet theatre a cinematic spectacle. 

But my favorite part of this movie is the symbolism, good vs evil, deaf vs blind. Because I think we all now deaf people secretly hate blind people, and I’m certain blind people hate deaf people. This is the first major piece of propaganda in the blind vs deaf war. They made a movie with a deaf hero and a blind villain. 
But here’s the best part if you’re team deaf, a blind person can’t even watch or listen to this movie, a deaf person with or without captions can completely understand what is happening, a blind person is left in the dark.

An excellent piece of propaganda by Jim krasinski, and an early lead for team deaf.