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Haha...welcome back to Christmas review #3.

Okay first things first, the reason why there was such a huge gap between reviews was the fact that life happens. And now let’s go through these “best picture” nominees one by one.

JoJo Rabbit is a film about my three favorite things. Imagination, Childhood, and the Third Reich. Yup, the greatest feel good movie of the year was the one about Nazis. Who’d a thunk?

So let’s go one by one with each aspect I enjoy.

JoJo himself is a very likable protagonist, and his dynamic with both Elsa and his mother give him more of a human side. Along with the fact that his two best friends are the funniest people ever. A little boy named Yorki and Adolf Hitler.

Oh yeah, Waititi does Whiteface as Adolf Hitler, and by god I love it. Nothing is better than a Polynesian Jew playing the biggest asshole in history. Not only does the shock value give many laughs, but it helps cement Waititi as a great actor director.

Elsa and Rosie also shine as the women who guide JoJo in life as one tries to show that the world needs more love and the other shows him that there’s always two sides to a war. There’s a scene involving one of them that had me in tears at the end but for spoilers sake I’ll keep it discrete.

Sam Rockwell and Stephen Merchant....I LOVE THESE MEN. Merchant leads to the most laughs per scene in the raid sequence, and Rockwell gives the hardest laugh with his final battle uniform, it’s amazing.

This film is probably my personal favorite out of the bunch but I feel like it isn’t gonna win, but who knows, maybe I’ll be wrong. Then again I did predict Green Book winning over BlackKklansman so I basically am god.

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