Dakota Johnson left Fifty Shades of Grey for Fifty Shades of Red I see. 

Allow me to get some quick things out of the way first.
Original Score - 10/10
Tilda Swinton - 10/10
Disturbingness - 10/10
Dancing - 10/10

Now for the rest of the review..

It is impossible to write this without achknowledging the mind of Luca Guadagnino who has brought to life a take on Suspiria greater than it’s original. A friend who went with me to see it was tense before it had begun and rightfully so. The film is not terrifying, but disturbing beyond belief. There is one scene in particular that takes this above and beyond. It was amazing. One of the best scenes I’ve seen all year. 

The acting is all good. The writing is very good for the majority of the film. My only issues come in the third act which I felt brought the film down just a bit. Other than that. Fantastic. The direction is on par for my expectations for Luca. Not quite as delicate as Call Me I feel but still great. The cinematography is also well done. The editing is enjoyable and precise which I appreciated. 

In close. One of the best films of the year.

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