Burning ★★★★

Woah. That's it, this and THOROUGHBREDS are my favorite Hitchcockian-inspired thrillers of last year.

Seriously, Chang-dong did incredible work here. The mystery and clues are carefully placed over the course of this - which makes it a frustrating and yet fun watch. The three leads are cast impeccably, including none other than Steven Yeun (who is the best part of the whole thing). I didn't really know what I was getting into at first since I didn't read up on it before watching, but once I found out what the titular "burning" meant, I was intrigued. With it being so late at night, it was kinda hard to keep my attention since it's such a slow-burn, but the allure of the mystery was enough to keep me invested. And can we just talk about how beautiful those twilight shots are? Good God, I wanna see more of that in films. Definitely recommend.

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