Frankenstein ★★★★½

Nothing short of one of the most iconic films ever made. The biggest irony in Universal adding this to its pantheon of monster movies is that they made Frankenstein's Monster one of the most sympathetic characters in Pre-Code cinema. In an era where audiences only wanted the bad people punished and films to entertain the masses, this feels so far ahead of its time - and yet, I can't imagine '30s cinema without it. Perhaps it's due in part to the wonderful novel it's based on, another work that was ahead of its time back in the 1800s. James Whale hits the nail on the head with the scientific-gothic aesthetic, consistent tone, and all-around great suspense. Which is nothing to say of Boris Karloff's legendary performance here; how to make a character who should feel so evil and imposing, and only communicates through grunting, sympathetic and relatable. His performance here is still so influential and one of my favorites.

Another true classic.

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