Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★½

I have a lot of disjointed thoughts over this, so bear with me.

This doesn't feel like a debut film. Like, at all. Greta Gerwig effortlessly captures what it feels like to live out the ages of 17-18 (the senior year) - all complete with excitement of adulthood, clashing with friends and parents, and extreme heartache and anxiety over what's to come. Gerwig has always been one of my favorites, and when I heard that she was making her break into directing with this, I couldn't help but feel excited. And she did something so special here. Saorise Ronan absolutely kills it in this role - something she will undoubtedly get nominated for come Oscar season. She carries this film on the back of her shoulders, and is enthralling the entire journey. Some of my other favorite performances included Laurie Metcalf (an shoe-in for a Best Supporting Actress nomination), Lucas Hedges, and Timothée Chalamet. The soundtrack - assorted from a variety of different types of music - sets the tone easily: off-kilter, but the truth. The film had many comedic moments, but so many more hard-hitting ones. Ones that are relevant to my life, right here and now. I attended a private school for the majority of my life, so any strictness seen here I can relate to extremely well. A scene in the middle accurately shows how it feels to have to tell your friends not to tell anyone when you come out. Lady Bird's parents trying to stay strong as they drop her off at the airport reminds me exactly how things felt when my parents dropped me off at college this year. The whole last ten minutes made me excited for my future plans to move off to New York after college. Needless to say, I really connected with this film a lot. And let me tell you, as much as I smiled at the feel-good moments, the sad moments made me cry my eyes out. When a film like this can make you go through the same emotions as its characters, you know something had to have been done right. I absolutely adored this.

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