Antiporno ★★★½

Stunning to look at it, but overall a bit of a head-scratch. Being that this was my first viewing of a Sion Sono film, I’m left with the feeling I should’ve started with an earlier entry in his filmography. Antiporno really goes for it, so much so that it risks feeling self-indulgent at times, but ultimately it’s a lot smarter than it seems. As far as I understand it, this is basically a rainbow-painted, sadomasochistic riff on the Japanese sexploitation movement of the 70s, but considering I’m not at all acquainted with the genre, there’s a chance some of the film’s virtues may have passed me by. It works well enough as a hyperactive, Buñuelian takedown of the porn industry and male dominance in Japanese society, but its brusque methods elicit a nauseating reaction, to say the least. Not quite my bag, but it’s got classical music for days, and a seriously fucked-up sex scene every ten minutes. Sold.

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