Burn After Reading ★★★★½

Shifting smoothly into douchebag-gear, the Coens serve up a more than satisfying slice of tapestry brilliance on this one. I'm not too sure why this gets such a bad rep, its hysterical depiction of a government as idiotic as its people not a far throw from reality. Brad Pitt flaunts the comic timing of titans, George Clooney out-smiles the entire cast, Richard Jenkins tugs at many a string, J.K. Simmons makes anything better, Frances McDormand is still the most adorable person I've ever seen, Tilda Swinton is Tilda Swinton, and Malkovich Malkovich is Malkovich. Not to mention, this is shot by Emmanuel Lubezki and scored by Carter Burwell?! That's entertainment!

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