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This review may contain spoilers.

Scream 2 was just am impressive as the first movie.

The scene opened with a 'film with a film' which parodied the beginning scene of the first Scream movie. Then we find out it is all in a theatre watched my movie goers. Unfortunately, as soon as the real film starts, an unfortunate couple get murdered violently, much like the couple in the first movie. But this is how the story begins.

From then on, our film's protagonist Sidney Prescott, who finally put the whole ordeal from the first movie behind her, is once again being stalked by the Ghostface killer.

A few other people are murdered along the way, including Randy (which was a big shock for fans as he was their favourite).

In the end, it turns out that the identity of the killer(s) are a disturbed student and Billy Loomis' equally deranged mother out for revenge.

It's quite a roller-coaster thrill ride. Probably should've left the franchise alone after that, but I can understand why they made the third one. Look out for the next review.

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