Spider-Man: Far From Home

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This review may contain spoilers.


Just as good as the first one.
Amazing action, Spectacular special effects and Ultimate cast!
As for the twist of Mysterio - can't say I was surprise! Though I am relieved that they stayed true to the character's mainstream counterpart.

As for the mid-credit scene, I was like 'WTF'! But the post-credit scene I was well surprised. I suppose the main plot of the film is deception and surprises.

The only thing that spoiled the film for me however, were these DICKHEADS sitting in front of us; they were nothing but chatty, fidgeting and they had they phones on - and even used them to record some scenes! I mean, I was REALLY tempted to tell at them - part of me wanted to punch one in the back of the head! They were the .most ride, annoying, inconsiderate arseholes that nearly spoiled the movie for me!

But, apart from those DICKHEADS, Spiderman: Far from Home was a great movie for the summer.

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