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This review may contain spoilers.

I was left speechless when I left the cinema. They kicked off the start of the film with Po taking on First Order fleet - fucking awesome! And Rey has come along way since Force Awakens. Especially in the scene where she and Ren take on Snoke's elite guards together. Pure action there! But I think two of the biggest praise of all are... 1). Carrie Fisher in her final role as Leia. RIP 2) Mark Hamil returning to the big screens (a couple of previous ones didn't count) and reprising his iconic role as Luke Skywalker (after years of doing voice acting, most notably as DC animation's Joker)! And Luke has become drastically different since the first Star Wars film - the original, not the one with Jar Jar - he's become a shadow of his former self, and reluctant to come back into the light. It's almost similiar to Hugh Jackma's final appreance as Logan/Wolverine. And I was shocked that Luke died! I would've though he would stay on for the next film. Although, the one thing I really wanted to see in the film was a lightsaber battle between Luke Skywalker and Snoke. Plus, we never did learn how Luke's old lightsaber was returned after being lost in Empire Strikes Back. But one thing I did liked seeing; the muppet version of Yoda! That was awesome how they honoured the original special effects (of puppetry) and brought it into the new film. Finally, and I mean it persoanlly, I don't know how they're going to conitnue on now without the original three; the dreamer (Luke), the princess (Leia) and the dashing smuggler (Han).

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