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This review may contain spoilers.

You remember that part in Face/Off where Nicholas Cage is playing the criminal who has had his face surgically removed and he's threatening the creator, only the camera takes great pain to never show him head on and so we only have the other character's horrified reactions to imply what he looks like?

For a long time I took it for granted that it was more effective to not show something so grotesque, that it would verge making the movie silly-er.

Then I saw Les Predateurs De La Nuit and realized the sight of someone having their face peeled off is possibly one of the most unnerving and existentially horrifying things someone can depict. The makeup isn't realistic, but that's not what makes it cringe-inducing. I compare it to that skullcap scene in Get Out, it's a permanent alteration, not a wound, and everyone treats it so professionally rather than showing remorse.

The film itself is pretty uncompelling, absent the soundtrack it's just a lot of good-looking people from the 80s alternatively partying and then screaming, with assault and creepy dudes literally around every corner. The best scene involves the icy blond assistant seducing a male escort in order to bring him back and give the girl who's face was burned some companionship. It goes badly, but it's the one time we actually get a sense for what these people are looking to restore instead of just sadism.