Tristin McCarthy

Tristin McCarthy


I watch the movies sometimes.

Favorite films

  • Shame
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Lion King

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  • Shiva Baby


  • Don't Look Up


  • Titane


  • 21 Jump Street


Recent reviews

  • Titane



    I had to sit on this for a whole day before I could properly put to words what I felt walking away from this film.

    I don't know where Julia Ducournau came from, but after only seeing 2 features, I can tell that she is not only one of the best voices in modern horror, but one of the most important. Probably the best body-horror film since The Fly, and that early tracking take is unbelievably gorgeous; most of this…

  • The Kid

    The Kid


    Yo, his house number is 69.

    Happy 100 years to a film of pure joy and love. Despite being steamrolled by the police state and a victim to a ruthlessly capitalist overnight shelter, Chaplin's Tramp character still looks for, and finds, the good in the world; and more than that, he embodies the good of the world. Charming in every moment, and as timeless as films get, The Kid is just lovely.

Popular reviews

  • Hereditary



    No words can describe this experience. This film is powerful and terrifying. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and the last 20 or so is some of the most nerve-wracking I've ever seen. This movie is going to follow me for a while and haunt my dreams and my soul.

    I can guarantee you are not ready for this film.

  • Raw



    Your mom is gonna hate this movie.

    This film doesn't stoop to sheer brutality to thrive, or being gory to bring an audience. What this does thrive from is: a great story, well developed characters, good direction, and a great payoff at the end. The way two particular scenes were handled at the end is brilliant. Essentially, it's a great film that handles its violence and people-eating with grace and style.