The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★★

TIFF ‘21: Film #7

YES!!! Absolutely perfect in every sense of the word. Joachim Trier has always been a filmmaker I’ve admired, but he’s operating on a whole other level here. He crafts such a down to earth film, but also makes some very unique stylistic choices. The screenplay is full of rich dialogue and certainly deserves a nomination at the Oscars, if not a win. 
Renate Reinsve Is a revelation, playing one of the most well-rounded and relatable characters I’ve seen in ages. Anders Danielsen Lie Is even more soulful here than he was in Oslo, August 31st. A beautiful movie from start to finish that I really connected to. It perfectly encapsulates the difficulty of early adulthood and trying to figure out what kind of person you want to be.  Can’t wait for more people to see this, I think it’s going to be a huge deal once it releases to the public!

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