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  • Primer



    This movie made my head hurt and blood come running from my ears. WTF? I was lost thru most of it and generally can keep up with the heaviest of plots. The movie looks like it was filmed in the mid nineties, and no wonder with a $7000 budget. Very wordy, scientific, and confusing as fuck. Just about right length at 77min. Would probably catch on a little more with additional viewings but that ain’t gonna happen. Not a fun sit but understandable why this flick has a following. Not a masterpiece in my opinion but mindfuck amazing nonetheless.

  • Replicas



    “This is gonna piss me off isn’t it”

    Rediculous shit. Knew it coming into this but damn...surprising how Keanu can make such kick ass films then take such a huge shit on screen. Everything about this flick sucks; script, laughable plot, performances (Alice Eve particularly aweful) CG, retarded ending. Middleditch the only thing that almost made this watchable. Wish Keanu could overwrite my memory pathways to erase seeing this cringeworthy shitfest.

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  • Moonlight


    Huh? I must be missing something. This was a boring piece of shit with the high point being the main character getting a hand job on the beach. "Edgy" urban themes paired with Kubrick type soundtrack, total Bullshit. Of course it's the best pic of the year.

  • Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire

    Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire


    Sucker for anything with swords and dragons in it, even if it's shit with a Mick jagger looking lead character acting like "an arrogant snout".