Skidoo ★★★★½

“Who’s your tailor, sitting bull?” - Gleason to hippie

Channing and Gleason kind of an odd pairing for this 60’s flick which was recommended in my Bad Movie Bible. This movie rocks! Forgot how much of a presence Gleason had in his heyday. Almost lost it when he bitch slapped Frankie Avalon. Hippie scenes epic and worth the watch alone. AND…..Holy shit…The Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Jaws, and Groucho smoking a joint. Not to mention the greatest actor of any generation Slim Pickins. Finale number made my cry it was so funny. One of those films where you have “that” friend you know who it is going to blow their mind. Amazing, even the final credits. 

Note: Carol Channing’s stiff nipples…nuff said. Classic.