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  • Observe and Report

    Observe and Report


    A nicely balanced dark comedy with some surprisingly emotional moments. Ronnie is a self-centered looser crack job of a mall cop but is determined to be the best. His anti-hero mixes well with his shitty backward personality and its so freaking funny. You'll probably find yourself laughing at parts you wouldn't expect; the jokes are excellent at sneaking up at the most unexpected times.

  • High School

    High School


    Old vs New, Frederick Wiseman's observational view into Northwest high school in Philadelphia. This 60's documentary shows a daily conflict between teachers and students for and against the old way and the new way of life. Their helpless attempt to subjugate students with rigid rules and regulations to obey authority regardless of the circumstance. "Be a man and take the detention" and women are supposed to suffer for beauty represent old means of thinking, however with the 60's revolution, it's clear these ways of thinking were on their way out. It's strange seeing how much things have changed and how much is still similar.

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  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now


    Cinematically Don't Look Now is exceptional in its obscure meanings, through cinematic foreshadowing, the prominence of the color red and important subtle shots. It's all intertwined with paranoia, grief, and warnings. We follow John's fate unfold and experience his grief and paranoia through subtle meanings and messages; aware but ignorant of them. His beliefs and ideals disregard the warnings until he recognizes his mistake too late.

  • Kiss Me Deadly

    Kiss Me Deadly


    Sharp paranoia of hard-boiled noir mystery. Mike Hammer, a raw hardball man picks up a stranded dame after almost running her over. A mistake not to be taken lightly as she is being pursued by men who want something from her. It's more of a raw approach to film noir violent as can be as Mike Hammer operates a more physical way of gaining information. In a nice tight package Kiss Me Deadly is an intriguing mix of genres with…