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This review may contain spoilers.

Saw is a different type of horror film that was introduced to the world by James Wan. The film Is about a serial killer that puts his victims into a "game" rather than purely murdering them. This killer goes by the name of the 'Jigsaw Killer" because he carves the shape of a jigsaw piece out of his victim's bodies.

The real identity of this Killer is 'John Kramer' and he captures people who he believes to not be thankful for their life. John Kramer suffers from brain cancer that makes him realize how valuable life is. He puts specific people into trials that aren't directed to kill them but instead let them have the ability to escape and realize how valuable life is.

The trials these people face contain death traps that they can escape from if they follow the specific orders. 'Amanda Young' was tested with the iconic "Reverse Bear Trap" device that's set on her head. The way she escaped was by obtaining the key from the inside of her "dead cell mate's" body.

Amanda Young was the only known person to survive Jigsaws traps and she was tested because she was a drug addict. Throughout the film, the local police are investigating these consistent gruesome murders as they try to hunt down the killer. The main course of the film is taken place in a bathroom with 'Adam Stanheight" who is a photographer and "Lawrence Gordon" who's an Oncologist.

Both guys are tied down to pipes at each opposite side of the room. While their trial doesn't consist of a machine that's moments away from terribly killing them they have a more complex game that Jigsaw has them play. When the film eventually reaches its end it's shocking how well made and constructed this movie is. It's terrifying and it serves with an amazing twist that completely changes the film. I absolutely love how this movie works as a murder mystery and stands out from the other sequels that slowly change the series.

In conclusion 'Saw (2004)" is definitely what would seem to be a masterpiece of a horror film. Its theme is spine chilling, especially how it played during the jaw-dropping twist at the end of the film. It has a perfect amount of gore and scares and it's mixed very well with the mystery theme. Overall I would say it's perfect.