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  • The Ninth Configuration

  • Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me

  • Only Angels Have Wings

  • Elvis & Nixon


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  • The Ninth Configuration

    The Ninth Configuration

    For my review of the new blu-ray release of The Ninth Configuration check it out here- medium.com/@StrawCats/the-ninth-configuration-blu-ray-review-d5ff6ec9608e#.dw0wvtvus
    The Ninth Configuration was a film I sought out when I was first getting into the weirder side of cinema having been blown away by the work of folk like Jodorowsky. I saw the poster (imgur.com/iKtn81S) of an astronaut looking up at Christ on the cross while on the moon and knew I had to see it. But that viewing a few years…

  • Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me

    Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me

    By Patrick McInerney of Straw Cats, an r/TrueFilm collective
    One of the pleasures of making my way through life so far has been seeing thoughts and personalities develop in my younger brother and in the two children I help look after. Watching someone become a person is magic. If you take the person out of the human, what stake could they possibly have left in life? Glen Campbell seemed like the nicest guy in the world, who can’t tell a…

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  • The Birth of a Nation

    The Birth of a Nation

    by /u/kingofthejungle223 on Reddit

    Whenever D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation (1915) is discussed these days, the conversation usually sticks to two topics:

    1) Its immense technical achievement

    2) Its equally immense racism

    Both of these are important topics, but neither is the reason the film remains worth watching today. Over the decades, there have been many films that heralded new technical breakthroughs, and from today’s vantage point, most are little more than curios. The Jazz Singer may have introduced…

  • Elvis & Nixon

    Elvis & Nixon


    by /u/kingofthejungle223

    "I had the opportunity to interview some of Elvis Presley's classmates from Humes High School a while back, and their reminisces painted a very consistent portrait - they remembered him as a weird, quiet kid who dressed funny (for a white boy in Memphis circa 1953) and always sat at the back of the classroom, usually hiding behind a popped collar and raised textbook. Some have very vivid memories of the times they first 'noticed' him. One woman…