Coherence ★★★★½

   Coherence is the most mind blowing thriller I’ve had the pleasure of viewing in a very long time. Still, while being able to communicate complex themes, the presentation, clever dialogue, and intelligent characters make it very enjoyable and entertaining to follow. It’s a tight 90 minutes as well, so I was practically on the edge of my seat for the entire film, as there was no room for it to slow down.
   All that aside, bread and butter of this film has to be the soundtrack by Kristin Øhrn Dyrud. It was able to express the headspace of the characters flawlessly. The paranoia and hysteria that everyone in this film was experiencing was so felt. I cannot wait to see this film for a second time, because I enjoyed myself immensely on my first viewing. This is absolutely a film that you could appreciate more with subsequent viewings. I cannot wait to follow James Ward Byrkit’s career as a director, because honestly, this is up there with the best of the decade in my opinion.

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