Frances Ha ★★★½

It’s really easy to see what it is about Frances Ha that turns so many people off. It’s one of those indies where people might roll their eyes after hearing you describe it to them. The silly music, simplicity of the plot, and black and white cinematography will be sure to lose interest of a good portion of mainstream audiences. Most surprising to me though, is that the main complaint I hear is that Frances is an unlikeable protagonist, but honestly, I completely disagree! She’s a very realistic character, and I can say with certainty that I know people that are exactly like, or behaved exactly like Frances does at her age. Being in your late 20s without really having your shit together is a tough time, and I think this film tackles the ups-and-downs and personal craziness really well! The soundtrack really complements the quirky vibe of the film, and the B&W camerawork fits a modest story like this really well. The heart of the film is in the characters and performances, and I really think that this film is one of the best indies of the past few years.

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