Parasite ★★★


Just cannot bring myself get on board with this. The formal precision, while helping this film to be technically sound, ends up really serving to make this film feel inauthentic at the end of the day. It just feels too clean. I never really found myself invested in the characters because of this. While I was supposed to be on the edge of my seat, emotionally sold on everything going on, all that I was feeling was indifference. I didn’t want to see this family do well, let alone care if they experienced hardship. While I was supposed to be finding the manipulative hijinks funny and entertaining, I was horrified. The crime did not justify the punishment at all here. I understand that the richer family was privileged, and completely unaware of those less fortunate’s harsh living conditions, but why would they be? When trying to lead a successful and joyful life, blissful ignorance seems like a perfect fit. They just didn’t really deserve to be taken advantage of. Overall, while PARASITE is not a bad film, I couldn’t help but be dissatisfied with how it turned out. In spite of all this though, I’d recommend that you check it out and decide for yourself how you feel, because the reception for this film has been fantastic from both critics and audiences alike. I’m obviously in the minority here, and it’s highly likely that this film will be enjoyed by a large amount of people for years to come. Suit yourselves.

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