The Aviator's Wife ★★★★

An almost inexplicably moving and engrossing film. I think that it’s core though, the emotional motor behind THE AVIATOR’S WIFE is this: Francois’ relentless, suffocating romanticism. It’s what holds him in his toxic relationship with Anne, and it’s the paranoia that stems from how clingy and jealous he is that keeps him restless for the duration of the film. The brilliantly timed reveal of the woman in the blue’s identify perfectly cements how ridiculous his mentality is. It amazes me how slyly Rohmer is able to fashion the entire film around a comic misunderstanding, and never even presents the titular character outside of a photograph. He’s simply a master at what he does. Rohmer’s most incredible feat here though, is how effortlessly he’s able to beckon the audience to connect with Francois. The playful nature of the film is able to draw you in so quickly, and somehow one is made to sympathize with a character with such self-energized troubles as our protagonist. A move such as that requires astonishing narrative and directorial expertise, and you’d be hard pressed to find another filmmaker with the cinematic dexterity that Rohmer is able to bring to the table here. Absolutely tremendous.

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