Green Book

Green Book ★★★

i think that once i took it not as a prestige picture, but as just a continuation of farrelly’s ridiculous and goofy filmography, it’s so much more enjoyable. i’m really convinced this is a few steps away from spoof film or at least a broad comedy hiding behind a wrongful oscar campaign. to paraphrase my buddy alex, it’s more or less dumb and dumber 3 but he actually hired a cinematographer this time. the race relations are ridiculous and the stereotypes are so fucking exaggerated and once i just let go of thinking it’s anything else than a classical liberal baby boomer making a feel good white savior comedy (whether he should do that in first place (he shouldn’t, unless it’s spoofing white savior films — which i think it’s very close to doing, but not quite there), is certainly up for discussion, as well as whether the liberties with this story that were taken should’ve been taken (they should not have) or if they should’ve used that title (definitely not) and especially if they should have had more black people involved in production (they for sure should have)), i had a lot more fun with it. i’m not sure who at universal saw this and saw Yes let’s run this for best picture This is our oscar movie thie year.

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