The Lobster ★★★★★

The Lobster is most definitely a polarizing film, so I totally understand if you don't like it. But I really really dug it.

It's a pretty dark, but brilliant and beautiful satire on how all our society cares about is relationships.

The contrast between The Hotel half and The Woods half not only have great contrast in narrative that complement each other perfectly, but the cinematography is super distinctive for both halves.

The Lobster brings up a brilliant metaphor, comparing social awkwardness to animal abuse, and it works perfectly.

It feels a lot like a Kaufman film too, in terms of bleak surrealism.

The performances are all sensational, but Colin Farrell is absolutely transformative and hands down the best performance I've seen both of the year and from him.

My cynical ass was the only one laughing in the theater at some of the stuff, but I didn't care.

It's also extraordinarily ambiguous, which just made me love it even more.

Again, not for everyone, but I loved it.

My new favorite of 2016. This year is so much better than 2015 so far.

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