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  • Before Sunset
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  • Tom Cruise: An Eternal Youth

    Tom Cruise: An Eternal Youth


    Just felt like a special front-page cover story in the tabloid papers with most of all pages filled with speculations & a wild theory trying to convince or rather sell us that Tom Cruise is the Dorian Gray of Hollywood.

    ARTE, you can do way better than this...

  • Cop Car

    Cop Car


    A little gem in simplicity.

    An interesting premise and a taut plot authentically & logically played out with strong performances by Kevin Bacon and the kids that added up perfectly to the dark & light atmospheric feel of the film at the same time,

    since we try to explore what's going on just like the kids are lead by their curiosity & levity, but somehow we always expect the worst happening, although it does not necessarily, which keeps us on the edge of…

Popular reviews

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    "I change the stories I read when I see room for improvement."
    - the Lady

    >> A fox in a film always adds to improvement. << 🦊

    Lowery did more than well with the potential of the source material and made his very own chivalric fairytale,
    where being at peace with oneself is more heroic than pleasing society's (viewing) expectations.

    Surely not everyone's cup of tea, too slow-paced or too boring for some, not my favourite theme either, but nevertheless an interesting…

  • Memoria



    Eine pure audiovisuelle Meditation.

    Nach einem anstrengenden, nervenzerrenden Tag in den Kinosaal noch leicht entnervt, verschwitzt & gereizt vom Abendverkehr reinstolpernd holte mich der Film auf seiner audiovisuellen Ebene komplett ab.

    Interessiert lausche ich den Audiospuren und schaue neugierig auf die entschleunigenden Bilder der statischen Kamera - es fühlt sich ein wenig an wie ein entspannender Museumsbesuch für die Sinne.

    Ich weiß nicht wirklich was alles in diesem Film wie passiert ist.
    Ich weiß nicht, ob ich den Film soweit überhaupt…