Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

In this movie we will Drea played by Camila Mendes, who is the top of her high school Rosewood. Until her boyfriend Max played by Austin Abrams leaks her sex video to the whole school.

So after it happens, she seeks revenge for it. Until she meets Eleanor played by Maya Hawke at her summer tennis class. Eleanor let's Drea know that her girlfriend Carissa played by Ava Capri, who cheated on her.

Now the both of them brew up a plan to go after their exes and seek revenge. This takes twists and turns throughout the whole movie, which makes you guess.

Plus theirs two different perspectives being played throughout like with voice over and 4th wall breaking. It sets up the world and slowly quickly unravels what you think might becoming, then it turns on you. Also the character development is good both for main cast and supporting. It's also a good fun heartfelt and endearing movie from beginning to end.

The performances are good along with the directing. I do reccomend that you watch it!!

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