Enola Holmes ★★★

Sometimes you must dangle your feet in the water in order to attract the sharks.

Boasting a noteworthy ensemble cast and all the trappings of a tony period piece, this production could easily be confused with one of Netflix's many "throw a bunch of money at an auteur and let them make what they want" projects. But make no mistake - in every way possible, this is the Millie Bobby Brown show.

I give Brown a lot of credit for taking on the role of producer so early in her career, but this project could really have used the guidance of a director with a little more experience than Harry Bradbeer. The decision to employ limited fourth-wall-breaking narration can be forgiven, but this movie doesn't just employ this technique - it enslaves it, abuses it, and then continues to beat it like a rented mule until it collapses and dies. At one point, Brown, faced with a difficult problem, literally looks into the camera and asks, "Do you have any ideas?" That line alone dropped this half a star.

It's sporadically fun with a decent detective story at its core but in addition to the above exposition problem, the second act makes an unnecessary detour that drags the running time on way too long. This falls right on the fence, but I'll refrain from a Skip It rating - it sits squarely on Meh.

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