No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★½

We don't need to go faster. We have all the time in the world.

Daniel Craig's era ends with a bang, managing to check all the boxes for a James Bond flick while also delivering on an emotional level that came as quite a surprise. Cary Fukanaga's directorial flourishes, including a signature long-take action sequence and some winking references to past Bond entries, are a welcome addition to a franchise in which the director's vision doesn't often shine through. Craig delivers a fantastic performance, as does Ana De Armas in a much-too-short supporting turn. Rami Malek's villain character (either as performed or as written - I genuinely can't tell) is the lone weak spot in an otherwise stellar entry into the franchise that I'd be very satisfied to call "the last James Bond movie", if that's the direction this ends up going. Highly Recommended!

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