Suspiria ★★½

An incredibly ambitious and visionary take on the 1977 original (which I didn't care for much at all). This has some mesmerizing and visceral dance set pieces and a very cool score, with a climactic sequence that will absolutely drown your eyeballs.

But as for the story, the runtime, the character development, and the tie-ins to Bader-Meinhoff and Nazi Germany... I have concerns. Frankly, none of these elements worked for me at all. It's so long, convoluted, and absent of any connecting points, it made me feel at times like I was watching the 1977 original again. Which, just to be clear, is not a great thing.

I applaud the ambition and can see the appeal for the more visually-oriented cinephile, but for anyone interested in characters, emotional connection, and an interesting story that you can actually comprehend on first viewing (raising hand), this is Not Recommended.

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