The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★

With the correct formula, any human being can become enlightened.

Art films aren’t really my bag, I suppose. I can appreciate that there can be deep and profound messages buried in subtext. But what to make of a sequence in which a Christ figure shits into a bowl and then sits inside a distilling vat wherein said shit is boiled down and vaporized for Christ to inhale, process, and piss out again? It’s something to do with capitalism, maybe?

All kidding aside, I can appreciate the extremely artistic set design, costuming and cinematography on display in Jodorowsky’s sacrilegious acid trip of a film. But whatever is going on with the story of nine planet-associated acolytes, Jesus, a chimpanzee and their pilgrimmage to the titular geographical feature was pretty much completely lost on me. Not Recommended for the narrative loving film-goer, but still glad I was able to check it off my list of shame. And you can too, as it’s streaming now on Hoopla.

Added to: 2021 Challenge - Cinematic Blind Spots

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