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  • Sisu



    A relentless potpourri of Valhalla Rising, John Wick, and Overlord mashed with every one man army action movie you've ever seen. We've got Jorma Tommila playing Mads Mikkelsen, we trade Keanu for at least one stunt lifted from Speed w/ Wick's emotional dog beats, and Nazi zombies in favor of some old-school Nazi psychopaths.

    Tommila plays a retired, elite Finnish commando who's just struck gold. The final ̶s̶o̶l̶u̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ obstruction between Jorma's Aatami (or Koschei; The Immortal) and his fortune being…

  • Hellraiser



    "You'd think a devil would know a devil".

    Below taken from an article written in the movie by a publication called Principle (origin, source, beginning) w/ the headline "The Vanishing Act of an Occult Collector".

    "Behind closed doors, Voight cultivated one exclusive experience after another for the super rich. He was a host and a gatekeeper. An expert at manipulating the steadfast vanity of wealthy elites. But outside the public glamour of art scene, Voight's tastes were extending deeper into…

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  • Padre Pio

    Padre Pio


    Ferrara's most inaccessible? As much a meta-stigmata play for Shia as it is any sort of biopic about the Capuchin friar. He's always had the stomach for taking whips, ran down and put through the ringer right away for his off-screen sins. The alchemical transmutation vehicle for Shia's upcoming confirmation to Catholicism through a young Padre Pio in a post World War I Italy. A generational confunction between Abel and Shia taking place a generation before either of them. Conflicted…

  • Basic Instinct

    Basic Instinct


    Michael Douglas: Do you have something against ice cubes?

    Sharon Stone: I like rough edges.

    Gets better every time, this 4K transfer is something else. Verhoeven and legendary DOP/Speed director Jan de Bont platform this as an exercise in how to shoot interiors, the cool (then dark) San Francisco blues streaking through nighttime frames, filling windows intruding on brown or white walls, lights, and costuming against a masterful use of shadows. Even overcast daytime interiors like the police department make…

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  • Martyrs



    Fuck off

  • Malignant



    2021 Ranked

    One of the hardest studio horror films ever made. Aggressively drifts from one patch of Wan's early supernatural work to the next, refining all territory he's crossed before. To their credit, the duo of Wan & Kirk M. Morri handle the edit with such a tight hand that I can forgive treading the waters it does early given how Akela Cooper's screenplay evolves. Even while most of these scares fall flat for me now, they're shot without gimmick in…