Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★

I saw this again with friends, and this may be the worst rewatch I have had so far. The pacing made it feel much longer than it is, and I already knew what was going to happen (I believe that shouldn't matter, if it does effect my experience I think that's a downfall of the film) so I felt extremely bored and disinterested. I also don't think in my original review I didn't go into how bad the cinematography was (or at least not enough). Every location was either brown or gray, and on the well lit beach planet it's hard sometimes to distinguish faces. But in this viewing I realized how trite and forced all the dialogue is, and the delivery of much of those lines don't do them very many favors. I did praise he music in my original review, but now I think that it's very overplayed in order to attempt to get the audience invested. Im bringing it from a five to a four, maybe I will even lower it to a three

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