Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

I really don’t get the abhor around this film as I happened to absolutely love it. I won't say it's perfect, but I cherished everything about it, it was a spectacular adventure. Period! The pacing was perfect, it didn't had to suffer a lot from exposition, had good turns to keep us engaged, cinematography was captivating as if every frame was a painting and most important of all it gets back to the planet where the Empire strikes back was set, so how in this fucking world, it can't be any amazing!!

If I had to accept one thing about the hate around this film, it would be about the characterization of Luke Skywalker, it wasn't justifying to how I wanted to see him return, and the drastic change in his character created a unbalance in my force as I would have liked to see him to do something different and more than what he did in here.

It is set right after the events of the force awakens but things taking more awful turns as many of the prominent leaders of resistant are gone. For Rey, it was mostly about the Jedi lessons by trying to convince Luke to teach her the ways of the force while she tackled her lonely and desperate angle and resisting to not bend to the dark side to ultimately become the last Jedi.

We get to see more of Ren in this feature, initially we are puzzled between if there's still light in him as he couldn't pull the trigger to kill his mother or he has he already become the evil as he keeps on doing the horrible things he already have been doing which kind of takes us into his inner conflict but it's only later when we see what he truly is, a bigger beast!

There are some absolutely spectacular moments in the film, the one between Rey and Ren where they could sense each other even after being afar gave me literal chills. There are quite enough number of exchange of the power between the first order and the resistance which gave a tension and unpredictability to the plot.

Once again we get to watch Oscar Isaac as Poe and he has much more screen time and essence to the plot than the last one! Finn has a real character development from a coward trying to run away from the war to a hero who would stand tall no matter what. It marks entry of the terrifying Benicio del Toro as DJ, and man he is a terrifying delight to watch who can set the screens on fire Who falls in a grey area unlike the rest

Rian Johnson is known for making stylish films and surely this is one of his bests. The film has some absolutely banger action sequences, the one where Rey and Ren take the supreme emperor together was one of those. While that final battle where all the machines fires at Luke yet he comes out clean and unharmed was one hell of a whistle hooting sequence, which might have not made sense initially but we eventually understand how he could do that.

The Cinematography is absolutely spellbinding with amazing visual effects, grand set designs and rich production values. There are some shots that are so beautiful that they can be described as some of the greatest ever from the franchise. The sequence where Luke teaches Rey about force were so impactful and very well picturized!

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