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  • Letter from Siberia

    Letter from Siberia


    Very effective as a simple travelogue film but it’s also deeply personal in a way these things rarely are. Feels like he made it more to preserve his own memories of this place than anything else. It’s also consciously apolitical and goes so far as to overtly mock the sort of films that would propagandize the footage he was gathering, which was nice and a little unexpected. And man is it gorgeous footage, beautiful 16mm photography from start to finish...…

  • Three Cheers for the Whale

    Three Cheers for the Whale


    Marker is right, whales are mysterious, magical, and vaguely eerie. He frames killing them as akin to killing the earth itself, which seems right to me as well. I would have bumped this up 1/2 a star had the english vo narration been done with any care at all.

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  • A Grin Without a Cat

    A Grin Without a Cat


    Few films are more perfectly calibrated to my interests than this one, both artistically and politically. True galaxy brain cinema, it feels a bit like going on a TrueAnon or Adam Curtis binge, except here you’re in the hands of a great artist and filmmaker (no disrespect to Curtis but I don’t think he can compare with Marker on a purely aesthetic or formal level). I can’t really speak to the efficacy of the historical argument he’s presenting wrt how…

  • The Lovely Month of May

    The Lovely Month of May


    It turns out May is actually not so lovey after all! In Sans Soleil and AGWAC Marker kind of announces just how big he’s going in terms of the ideas he’s playing with right off the bat and this movie is working in a very different mode. It starts out small and unassuming and remains small and unassuming right up until the end when things start falling into place and you realize the breadth of what this film is trying…