Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★★★★★

How do you deal with the absolute complete mental breakdown that happens due to being holed up in your house by yourself, not being able to meet friends and family in person, and constantly feeling like killing yourself because every day feels like the same day over and over again? In the case of Bo Burnham, you take all of those feelings, write about them and perform something that becomes incredibly special (It is technically, A SPECIAL).

Bo Burnham's INSIDE is a spectacular, claustrophobic, visually enchanting, depressing, funny, self-introspecting synth-pop lockdown masterpiece which is a musical, satire skit, social commentary, stand-up comedy and many more things all in one. Burnham lays bare his soul and his mind in this very special “special“ which he wrote, performed, shot, edited and produced all by himself for around a year.
Burnham thinks about suicide, makes fun of white women's Instagram feeds and Jeff Bezos, talks about issues like income inequality, contemplates whether his voice as a privileged white male matter in anything at all, and whether trying to do comedy in times - where all you see is grief everywhere - is alright or not, among many other things (There's a whole-ass song on sexting too).

This is one of the absolutely unreal gems this lockdown has produced. I am spellbound and amazed. Wow.

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