A Ghost Story ★★★★½

This is everything I wanted from this film, but it wasn't what I was expecting. 

Life, death, time, memory, and existentialism. These are five of my most favorite themes in cinema, maybe the five most favorite themes (especially when together). 

My eyes welled up throughout the entire film, especially in the infamous "pie eating scene" (which by the way, is my favorite scene in the movie). 

The film really shows how after you die, life goes on. Once you're gone, you're gone. Gone but forgotten. There is no lasting legacy, because none of this matters. We will all die one day, and everything will end. Whatever we do here doesn't matter. 

I had some problems with the mechanics of the ghost, because he didn't seem to follow a set of rules. How does he go back in time, and witness everything over? How does he haunt himself? I guess Lowery just asked the same questions I did, leaving no answers. There is no answer to anything, really.

About 10-15 people walked out of this movie at my screening. I don't think they could handle the slow pace, as it is slow (by definition). I still found it much more entertaining than Dunkirk.

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