Dunkirk ★★★½

I'm pretty sure I missed all the super intense scenes, because it was only mildly intense. The ticking clock got really old, Nolan overused it and I got bored. It was used in scenes that weren't very intense, leaving me uninterested. The sound mixing is very good.

It's factual. All of this stuff checks out. From a filmmaking standpoint, it didn't have any stakes. They kept saying, over and over again,  "there 400,000 men on this beach! We need to evacuate!". The whole situation was solved by Tom Hardy shooting down 1 plane... maybe if everything had happened on the same day, it would have worked better. The stakes weren't very high at all.

I didn't really care for the characters at all. I liked Mark Rylance's character and the blond pilot (don't know the actor). I'm not going to say it needed character development. No, it didn't. That's not what Nolan was trying to show us. He wanted to give us a snapshot of war and what people do in these times. The human condition, what unites us, those who are selfless and selfish. I really just didn't want to follow many of these characters.

Technically it's a brilliant film!

It has a rocky first few minutes, I was really bugged by the blips of text at the beginning. Everything that was shown on screen was said in he dialogue. We didn't need it. 

Nolan switches between these three stories pretty well, but I kept getting taken out of them. Every scene of tension ends with almost no payoff. Personally, I feel like Nolan didn't take enough "risks". He could have done more. 

It's a good film, but it's not one of the best of  all time, the decade, but definitely of the year. I haven't seen many great films released this year. That's pretty sad.

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