Lady Bird ★★★★★

I think this is my favorite movie. It’s a toss up between this and Superbad. I just feel so many emotions when I watch both of them. They are both just so comforting. While I can’t say they really “boost my morale” when I’m having a bad day because of how depressing I find them both to be, I just feel very welcomed and secure with them. I get feelings I don’t really get from most people. There are only a handful of films that can really do this to me, Lady Bird is and always will be one of them. I don’t understand how anyone can think of this movie differently than me. It’s perfect, it’s everything. 

That bit of music that plays after they go to prom, or when her mom isn’t talking to her, or any other occasion I can’t remember is just perfect. The beautifully ominous tone of the score gives me the most intense goose bumps ever. I hope you know what I’m talking about.

I want to meet Greta Gerwig, she’s an idol.

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