Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★½

(Tumble’s 94th Oscars Death Race Journey #17/53)

“What can we do, Uncle Vanya? all we can do is live. We’ll live through a long row of days, and through the endless evenings, and we shall bear patiently the burdens that fate imposes on us. We’ll continue to work for others, both now and when we have grown old, and when our last hour comes, we'll go quietly”

First of all, I avoided my HBO Max all day yesterday. Deleted it off my phone and tablet, just for this moment. I’ll install them back soon, but I’m glad I survived that lol

Anyways, the last of the 10 Best Picture nominees that I’ve yet to see. I’m literally speechless. Even for the slow burning of 179 minutes, you could feel something in there. It’s about the power of bonding. The bonds we have with each other. I felt moved. For a movie whose title says to drive a car, it really moved me. Like the Batman, it didn’t felt like 3 hours. Also, screenplay of the year right there. My god I’m impressive. That Saab better be famous one day

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