Eternals ★★★★

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a roll this year:

- Wandavision succeed expections
- The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was fine I guess
- Black Widow, mediocre aside, had its moments
- Loki also succeeded expectations and season 2 is on the way
- What If blew my mind and deserving so
- Shang-Chi was phenomenal, but you already knew that
- Hawkeye and No Way Home are on the way for Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively

Disney knew what they were doing when Nomadland won 3 Oscars, putting its director Chloe Zhao on the position that even they didn’t knew what to expect afterwards. The anticipation for her follow-up, also under their hands over at Marvel, was really at an all time high after the night of April 25th. Recently, Rotten Tomatoes critics haven’t been the nicest kind to this movie, the worst in the MCU’s 13 year history, and seeing it now, while they have every right to, I’m not gonna judge by their opinions, but rather by my own. This was decently good

Slow but beautifully shot by Ben Davis (already missing the beautiful hot English boi Joshua James Richards, but I know he’ll be back working with her somehow), it’s really nice to see Marvel experiment on their movies on a softer environment but still keeping it on the larger scale that they have always done. I know some may disagree, but my theory is that you have to let the general audience react in their own way, and then they will join in your praises. This movie will be truly divided, but if Eternals taught me something, it’s that Marvel can still make all of us be who we are

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