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  • Real Life

    Real Life


    Sort of a proto-Arrested Development,  one of the best comedies I’ve seen in years. Albert Brooks is the man.

  • Titanic



    Tantalizingly excellent.

    The tragic catastrophe that makes up the second half of Titanic has all the strength and momentum of a true force of nature, and Cameron’s command over the language of film has never been more boldly pronounced. In a lot of ways, this definitely is the ultimate Hollywood blockbuster.

    The fact remains, unfortunately, that I’m completely unable to connect with the romance between Jack and Rose. Whether it’s the writing or their performances, I can’t really say, but there’s…

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  • Babe



    Because even thinking about the scene where James Cromwell dances for the pig is the purest form of cinematic ecstasy that I have ever known.

  • Mandy



    This is garbage, man. Occasionally elevated by some striking imagery and a good performance by tha Cage, Mandy is about as basic a revenge film (structurally, at least) as you could possibly expect. The story and characters are both deliriously uninteresting, and it fascinates me that a director who seems so attentive to craft and aesthetic would settle for such a simplistic end-product. The over-stylization only exacerbates this problem. There’s nothing to think about, here. No meaning.

    There’s a big…