The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Giving the film its rating is not selfish nor is it generous, the rating it gets from me is based on my experience watching. That means, The Devil All the Time had me stuck in the middle because of many affecting factors that kept me from taking it seriously. Some effort was put into the project, I completely appreciate that but numerous aspects did not work for me. I am not taking sides with my criticisms, I simply look at the film in a particular way. And Campos’ 10th feature is a mixed bag.

I thought the narration added nothing really. It barely adds anything to the storytelling except that it is a detail worth checking out after you’ve watched it (the author of the book was the one narrating). The film presents itself as a film about pay-offs, ties and implications and if you pay attention, you don’t need someone telling the story for you so in that sense, it’s as if the narration is for people who don’t know what’s happening. This is where my flaws come in when it comes to dialogue because sometimes it’s the dialogue that keeps me from taking it seriously. Lines were unintentionally laughable and felt horribly basic. Performances as well, ‘on-off’ in my opinion.

Now, please do understand that I do not dislike the film. I had to get the easiest to say out of the way first but even though this film is on the same tier as Don’t Breathe (which I fucking hate), I respect it and like parts undoubtedly. The tangled storylines worked for me, I didn't know where it was going only to break my angles with a sick third act. It all made sense in the end and it’s all that matters. It proved me wrong about the uselessness of the editing and I’m glad it did. Except, like projects before it, the technique’s been mastered already.

Check it out on Netflix now, it's cool.

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