A Simple Plan ★★★★

A simple tale about the consumption of greed that works tremendously well on many levels, but lacks punch that could have made it a masterpiece. The whole story revolves around the regress of Paxton's character into more and more immoral territory. The tragedy missed the mark, because I was never sold on the idea that he's a notably good guy. He feels like every other regular dude out there. In fact the moment he starts hanging out with his brother and his brother's friend, his superiority towards the two makes him come off like a dick instead of the nice guy he is supposed to be. If there was a larger drop into immorality with Paxton, the movie would work so much better, even though its good as it is. Billy Bob Thornton delivers a magnificent performance as the brother who's a little on the dumber side. He's the sympathetic one and his relationship with Paxton creates a perfect conflict in the central dilemma surrounding the retrieved money. Raimi magnificently crafts sequences after sequences filled with absolute tension with every possible problem thrown at the guys as they try to keep the money and not get caught. Spiritually reminiscent of Fargo, minus the comedy.

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