Annette ★★★½

Kind of refreshing in the sense that this goes back to the well-trodden ground of musicals and old legends that are just plain fucked up? Like it's a shock to the jolt to watch something like this and pretty consistently have ones eyes widen at what's happening because with what an unabashed attitude the movie follows a bad dude doing bad things with.

The music is great and the singing is just pleasant to listen to. Sometimes completely sung musicals can be boring as hell on screen because they can be monotone in their tone, where as a musical which alternates between spoken dialogue and singing has that transition where the emotion ramps just takes off in its own kind of way, but this one isn't in the slightest. This one finds a way to balance the emotion of the songs in a way where I at times didn't even realize that they're still very much singing.

As much as I do like it that the movie hearkens back to eras that are honestly long gone, that also has the downside of making the movie not exactly have the freshest take. Like the fact that we are following a bad dude do bad things kind of does undermine Marion Cotillard's leading lady whose role is very limited, which is a shame considering the heights Cotillard is capable of reaching. The puppet is fantastic though!

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