Captain Marvel ★★★

The type of marvel movie where your mileage will vary. I'd personally characterize it as one where the less you know about the lore the better. I knew very little and even though some of the characters in the movie have appeared in the cinematic universe in the past, it did not ruin the plot for me, nor did it make the ending foreseeable. Some of the storytelling is quite hokey, lots of scenes which are supposed to be touching, but end up feeling excessively sweet and sentimental. The female empowerment was a tad bit too much on the nose. I know things like "why don't you give me a smile" happens as we witnessed from the reactions to the marketing, but it felt like a low hanging fruit in the movie. Danver's arc does pay off at the end even though it's quite a basic one. Fleck and Boden manage to make the just okay material work to an extent. Larson at times completely sells the character and her swagger, but there were some scenes, which felt quite a bit below her capability. Even with all its faults though, the movie has a pleasantly swift flow to it, the plot is well built, action is dynamic and exciting and there are plenty of laughs to be had. Samuel L. Jackson is usually the serious one and he can sometimes be wooden, but in here he gets to shine with his comedic side. I was most surprised by how dynamic and playful the movie felt, it had the potential to be one of the funnest in the cinematic universe, but the bane of the factory like production of Marvel reared his ugly head into the movie and brought it somewhat down. Flawed, but solid.

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