Carol ★★★★½

I'm a sucker for stories which strip the lazy melodrama from the story, instead opting to deliver a grounded, realistic narrative. All of the regular big cliches are left out, as the story instead builds big moments around things that are much more common than the extreme narrative tools that are way too often used. The movie looks amazing, the design is spot on for the 50's, the accents and the characters and their behavior highlight the era to an even greater extent. The romance didn't swoop me off my feet, which is a testament to the movie's quality as it had enough greatness going on without it. Carol's divorce proceeding with his husband. Carol's relationship with Abby. There was so much stuff in the movie asides from the central relationship that painted an incredibly well rounded portrayal of the difficulties same-sex relationships faced at that time. There's just so much in here that felt completely truthful.

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